Monday, February 6, 2012

I dreamed dreamed dreams ago

Just came out of a 4-5 layer dream
partially terrified, laid on bed on my
stomach watching transparent beings crawl
along the wall in the dark with window light
illuminating, was really on my stomach with
no light. This was not the start but the end
of dream.
Was watching Phillies 2 on 2 out
was on field but field in house some long
winding tortuous house thing, couldn't run
& was caught, stabbed at him--
woke up & bed deflates I roll
over on my side rooms like 1780. cool
Joe comes in and says I should use a couch
I think it simultaneously--
I wake, Tif rushes in moving furniture
that shouldn't be there, Joe says "She's
really into moving shit," I tell her it's okay
rolling my mattress, it's still deflating, it's
pitch dark night tho with blazing colors--
I wake up--sun spilling in like
it did at Nana's and Pop's, it's beautiful
out, I feel safe but something is not right, I finally
made it home, get up, rooms seems strange/different a
at this height, now that I'm standing, goes off in four
long directions, I wonder where Joe
is, I walk through the house
reach a bedroom & man, pale white, turns
his head toward me,
I hold my breath/ realize I'm still
deep in dream--
I wake up outside on train/bus--the
sensation of coming to--taken accidentally to
wrong house, I'm confused, I get up slowly
--same scene--roll around, walk downstairs as people enter
room downstairs--I hear them--see animals in cages, notice
lizards standing on each others backs, old
lady at desk & packed in I walk out through
doors & it's like I'm on tracks carried
toward big animals, lizards, they screech, I put hand over eyes--
wake up at start of poem, inhale
hear Joe or something in the hall, in his room,
I reach for a pen to write this all
down before it's gone--
it's gone long, Joe coughs
I hope I'm here to stay,
I fall asleep--


  1. Frantic pace, very well done.

  2. dreaming poems are beautiful. this one's no different.

  3. You captured my attention throughout the piece. Thanks, I enjoy that when it happens with longer poems.