Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Love Letters Left Unsaid

Wrote this love letter
eating purple suns,
purple suns like a child painting
grape and I only 5'7
chewing universal power plants
there were three, then four multiplying violet supernova
in foil harmony advertisement outer space,

Ya, take the Green line
I'll take mine forward
or is it forthright to time,
space spoke repititous
meandering life rebirths,

Christ, I can't close my eyes
to two dimensional Oak trees Branches,
Reaching out making sure I seal the wholes holes
my pupils cut in the back-foreground of-
of-- rivers remarkably electric colors,

Hold on- I'll hold on--
Your skinny tanned legs against mine starkly white
short hair fragrant feminine
shield watching eyes to the difference waking,
when you sleep my world losses its only truthful
believer soul.

Torrentially unmade.

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