Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Close your eyes Tom
tie-dye streams pulsing beneath my chin
like bleeding blue-green-white-ageis on black paper
Close your eyes Tom
crossed the-the-barrier-the-line-
can't go back, between
Close your eyes Tom
cause my brains about to---
implode on itself
unless I clear these memories
Close your eyes Tom
of nothing, I can't recall your face
though I invented it...
Close your eyes Tom
I'll never go back, now I know the truth-
seeker sayer, I wanted nothing
this is not good, I don't wanna do this
Close your eyes Tom
there's images just beyond my eeeeeeyes
that look- I have no- I- remember
Close your eyes Tom
falling backwards, oh god, falling backwards
oh god god god and I've found him
that terrible existence that terrible lonely existence
what is past present future past,
and why he ran away

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