Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lunch break

Unrestrained ear-

out to lunch and-

"I'm so smart smart smart
     Look at me me me me me
We all can like learn from what-

relentless unquoted bullshit blah blah
"you couldn't really tell-
    It's very bizarre actually"

high pitch pitch building pitch-
"My friend, my friend,
    yeah, yeah," higher higher "yeah,

and I can see brains forcing their gelatinous way
through eye sockets like the Hill,
with continuing laughter,

"It's not my fault I've taken artist classes"
where they teach biology and interracial coupling,

the brains keep moving,
like melting butter,
watching makes me sick,

"well, I mean, like,"
repeat until the ears bleed cells
filled with everything we tried to know
to remember to forget
to hate

these sounds unrelenting



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