Monday, June 5, 2017

Go On, Breathe Freely Released into the Wild and Available Now!

Well, here it is finally...95 pages of poetry from Chatter House Press
with the wonderful Penny Dunning editing...

Written in rain-soaked notebooks folded and tucked into the back pocket of worn-down corduroys, this collection of poems tell the tale of a ragged band of East Coast wanderers out to find that mythical American freedom of the West.

it's on the press website:

and Amazon:

sneak peak poem-- 250 Miles Wide

250 Miles wide

What’s Missouri but
a big endless white
cast of clouds above my head?

From the floor
of the backseat,
in the crevice by the sliding door,
I am borne into that
unknown space
by our van that like
the sacrificial lamb of America
has given itself over to our quest;

hear the harmonics
sullen pang, fundamental,
on the lips of the young babes,

ball the jack
to the shining grasslands
of old—without a song,
just a thought—a collective
yearning to get at that thing,
that very thing that has escaped us,
unspeakably, on the horizon.

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