Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Behind the scenes; a youtube retrospective

it reverted back
      to the first draft
the pencil lines
             you get a look
     at that
what it was before
           facial recognition
       kicked in
                 cleaned it up
           smoothed out
                   those fucking
     looks alright now
                          ready to promote
                 a video
                           trail series
    product placement
                it's important
  as an influencer
                    I'm speaking as one
        to know when you sell yourself
 that you're always
                 true to yourself
       like this poem is for me
  it doesn't matter what
                                     anyone thinks
           only that you believe
                                               are true
     to yourself
                               but for you to buy
               and like it
                     tho I don't care to ramble
      about how I am true to myself
  even though I'd like this
                                          to trend
                          see I'm an influencer
not a poet or writer
                    or even someone that reads
            tho I do
    but it was important to me
 to write from the
            of an influencer
                 it being so novel
     don't get me wrong
                                     I am staying true
to myself
          you can do whatever you want
    like I can
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                                                   as an influencer
                            I am privileged with insight
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                     so even though I don't particularly care
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           it would be appreciated
                            by someone like me
       who is an influencer
                                         speaking from the
                               writing from the
            selling from the
    operating from
                      I really feel like
       I don't care what
                                   anyone thinks
and I am happy that I can be myself
                              as long as you do what you want to do
              that's my advice
                                         as an influencer
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