Monday, June 13, 2016

Imperial delight

when you told me about how its skull was split open and he was eating the brains
                              I fingered my gun fetish
all my heroes carry them around on their shoulder blasting all the great brown people
                              I am reminded some are yellow too
the red ones died and buried long ago but only their bodies deserved to go
                              we should shoulder the blame
it's not some conspiratorial imperialist state no body actually dies in the mid east
                              the bomb is just a tv sparkler
hatred is only an individual delight it is not bred and baked by the state
                              not one hour on tv is not bathed in red
guns are the answer until and when they are not righteous armies marching hate
                              we are all pulling the trigger
it's how the west and the east and north and the south and the cause was won
                              there will be no greater example
than the continual reassurance of the finality and necessity of mass destruction
                              no change

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