Monday, March 9, 2015

Fire on the decks

slug a beer for the old man,
gawd damn, hit the rail of
the bar on thick skulls
and whatever else
isn't tied down, or limp, out on
that open, awful wine deep sea,
trolling, holler my friend, into
void of lifeless colors and cream
spattered skies, thick clouds, strings
vibrate vibrato pitch and swirling
currents undulating.
deserted islands lost to timid eyes,
breezes, tho not enough to raise the sail, ho!
But enough to chase and
drop the bottle, lo!
Enough for a toast, alas!
This and this, this this
is mad mad rambling
made to heel,
broken glass, liver, river,
kidneys, tightness, pity, whores,
Down below!

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