Friday, February 27, 2015

I Dream of Space Madness

from the nearside
of mars, ship passageways
washed in crimson red
hues, rotating, I climbed
along, anti-gravity, pulling
myself toward what I
could remember, the sleeping
quarters, outside
thin windows protected me
from super nova heat, flashing
lights, winding, collapsing
prismatic geometrical shapes,
life and death of planets, reaching
back into infinity,
I held my breath, rushed on,
we had decided, next trip
a round about in space,
earth to mars cannonball
run, two weeks, five bodies,
rested my head against a
window to calm my nerves,
forgetting where I was
drifting, thoughts, ways-aways
and going out and incoherent
somethings-or other-images
maybe I got it, images. and
I realized I had made it
to my destination,
flood of natural light
like torn from a trip
oxygen sucked out
and vomited me back into
reality, all space cleanliness
and whiteness, safety,
outside, endless black
and twittering stars, blinking,
waving goodbye,
Joe and Tommy sat up in
their bunks, groggy, from space
madness, I thought, should
have known, trip was on
the back end back to earth,
expected, but now, I thought,
there's no one who can land this
thing, we've come out and
back, with crash landing planned.

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