Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dream man

barely a new tune
barreling down
an old alleyway
something off about it
old aluminum cart
pushed by nondescript man
selling bottled salt water
for consumption
by the masses on side
streets as car sounds 
city sounds life sounds
rebound from several blocks
away but knowing they
don't exist, never existed
I shake the thought of 
running toward them,
shift my weight peer into
purple black eye veil
of darkness as it
a thumping maybe
a trembling mewling 
cough, born from my
memories I'm sure,
as cart skitters past on 
one good wheel,
other wobbles loses
balances, fixes for a moment
screams rusts bends
there's an image
I am unnaturally 
terrified, something
in his hollow body
wide face, toothy smile
from what I can see
shadows bouncing,
focusing, blurring,
I'm wearing a slouch hat
let him pass, he ignores 
though I'm sure he sees,
the cart rattles off into nothingness
no sound, I wait awhile, 
pick myself up, drop
the hat into the nearest 
dumpster, the plastic warbles,
I backtrack over
shattered pavement, heavy
tracks, skid row wastes.

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