Thursday, November 13, 2014

They all come to this.

No inspiration here

A trickle of letters
     mildew, harden
     in tub

House hangs on corner
     two legs
     figures of night
     hidden in bathrooms
     past faded lights
     during the day

     step out at sunset
     squinting eyes
     heavy chest

Raise your brow to the setting star
     horizon follows
     a jewel of the west
     bled out

There skis are meant for no one
     they just are
     no destiny in it
     endless earth

Claw at your heavenly senses
     Saint! Fool! Martyr!

     god is a blank page
     a sea of infinite grey

There is but one angel
     touching all times
     one mind

Witness all things
     as no-things

Rock     Ant     Fish     Bird     Dog     Cat     Human     Ape    
Grass     Dust     Fruit     Plant     Mountain     Ocean     Sky

     No Difference
     No Hierarchy

Our lights they've already burned out in the sky.

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