Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October New Year

Gurgling of car engines
up imagined streets,
a hose waters unmanned flowers
over concrete grave site
epiphanies, I hadn't noticed
the sky today, I still don't,
not enough to describe it,

It's an October sky,
isn't that enough for the image,
now you know as much as
I do,

my couch is outside somewhere
fading in what I assume to be
the sun, it's like summer or fall,
or any season we pretend to know,
it fades.

There's no adults on earth
somebody said once,
we're all one organism stretching
back from primordial time
in search of universal awareness
somehow beyond our reach,
calling from inevitable futures,

I am but a seed, a cancerous mole,
in line for nothing, until the end,
going back to nothing, I came from nothing,

I can only prove existence to myself.

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