Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Safe Zone

This thing has got to
blow over
          my sulking skull
is haphazardly
     skipping the fault lines
          nerve decay
nonsensical humming of
     the drill bit of the brain
of the maw out there @
the corner
              of what galaxy?
one we know isn't there
     lights are out light years gone,
our no-savior--no linear thought--
last page survivor
cowering in squat
brown wrinkles
          why are the stars pink,
like the alter caught
in tornado winds?
     Blowing through
                  through jubilant
          concerning stares
marked us all on wrists
                          of gold
we listen & work for
          legitimacy, waiting for
the storm to blow over
they say on average it takes
about 75 years.

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