Sunday, March 17, 2013

roof tops, stove tops

let this fade
on the wall
like a smell
from the kitchen stoves of my youth
a phantom memory
i can recall as falsely
as i've lived
under the scorn of skyscraper smiles
my highway maid
dances on open rooftops
old transparent friends
wore a dinner jacket
years ago, a year ago/?
maybe at a table, plated a lamb
a family a house
desperately searching (everyone seems
to be desperately searching somehow) for one
it was all new tho
before even whit
we sat down and ate
in strange silence all in
one room in laughter on
rooftops, and stove tops
gettin' ready to move on.

1 comment:

  1. Memory formation has a phantom-like quality. I've become cranky not knowing if a detail is accurate in my head or not.

    I view the ending as everyone getting ready to move on from a fake/unstable setting to a permanent memory home.