Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tale of the Horses Breathing

The sentry scrolled down
the addled walls
to the glowing line--
glowing exasperated line
of exasperation--on the eve
marking deceleration day,
to be sure he checking the clouds?
well, there's that, they looked just right
and he walked slowly
over it under it? before it
why to it, and it was all that there was
in the circumscribed hall of
everything-ness that could be
fit in--which wasn't much--but
the concrete was not thick, at least not
as thick as the stone or steel or smiles,
so much air figured a way in,

he dotted the e's with the horses hoof
as he was told, as he had come to do,
and rode on down the road openly mourning
acceleration truth becoming war beating
plagues happy man rejoiced in poverty,
he felt it in his bowls the great cause,
the only way--

and finding the perfect tree
he bent over holding his guts upright

he needed to shit.

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