Friday, August 3, 2012

Collapse, play, get-up, fall

magnetic story piece
dedicated to nobody
mr. nobody blank face
homeless man speaking
in monotone desperation
several phrases over over
take the under on metro
bus maroon seats seated
but not enough for 15 dollars
bed at night the machinery
whiring above or spitting
sputtering doing cunning
cuts/ unhinged story piece
scattered on napkins
thrown together with caring
unloved spiral black eyed
blind abandoned terror
to get it right to make sense
to bring about the senses
required to burn in the endless
night of highway sounds
to finish what I started
all the lies congealed in the
conception of night the
night we'll both be subject to
in seperate disparate parts of
worlds unlike the merging
of idea and loss the finite
story piece collapsing
on itself.

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