Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alone at the Beach, I prayed it was enough

In the journal of my soul there are cliffs and girls, and other such things that bring us down, to earth or stars, or some other place. I prefer to write it out in staggered lines known only to me. I was alone on the beach, sun coming up and then up, watching over. I took my hat off and sighed. Placed it on my towel, the only one I owned, now down beside me in the sand. I was the only person, I was the only living thing in sight. My glasses began to tint in the new born light. I removed them too, placed beside the rest. I took one great big breath of God and jumped into the morning waves. Salt and force shoved back at me. I launched myself without fear or embarrassment. I tasted the sky, alive about me, the ocean, churning beneath, the day, brave and innocent. I let out a single chilled bellow, it was all the love I had to give to the Earth.

1 comment:

  1. Details were fantastic here (especially about the towel).

    Breathe in God, bellow love. Awesome.