Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I grab this computer at 5:07
I write in present tense
I stare off into space
I have nothing to talk about
to noone here
I am not sleeping
they are sleeping
they does not begin with I
I type on the computer in the dark
it is 5:14
5:15 time is constantly in motion
unnecessary motion
noone thinks like this
especially while sleeping
I write my dreams down on paper
I say, "I dream I kick the can it rolls
across the floor and stops. I stare off in silence."
It's a can
I'm a can
flesh and bones and blood and plasma
presently growing old and living
I ramble
it's 5:17
You're asleep
I put the computer down and stare at it
I write a few more lines and I scratch my beard
I stop to correct a spelling mistake
thank you Tif
I am done with this poem
the world is still floating
I think about how many dimensions there could be
there could be a lot.

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