Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Everything's tinted
grey-blu melted sky,
singing Amazing Grace
under my breath for all
lost creatures;
Thin wind breaker & matching
hat trying to decide at
trash can Kleenex,
dog shit in plastic bag
above the rim,
*siren* *siren* whirls,
along the Potomac
river smell & southwest wharf;
no coffee at the Cantina Marina, old;
Open for Nat's games &
setting sun would be beautiful
1 pm in afternoon
gently down the stream,
song is haunting when I think now,
as a child innocent
confident in infinite years,
Life is but a dream,
Cloudy & lonely rock,
it scares me to sing
paranoid & aging
when I was a little boy
would I die? Laughing into night forevers
& wizard immortality
with the sea like uncaring
beyond the river flows
and I hum,
god black crow on
light transparent orb welcome entrance
black steel tree,
there's wires within,
beating red blood--
I see world vision out my eye
like devilish spiral top
blinking place to place,
so I sense sometime
I left my realities behind
in greys--
the river murmurs
merrily, merrily 

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