Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And for all the dying

I’ve forged a prophesy of
My generation in a thousand deaths
Bridging infinity, I choke on blood
A burning transparent open sore
On roof of mouth I’ve been numb
In tree shaped window laying on gray
Frayed loving couch upright standing,
We talk like robots gone to slaughter, no?
I loved you too, in different lives
All ending in some endless timeless death
If I could scratch my eyes,
If I could lie still a-
Where, ah, where is world shatter light binge-
I, effortlessly need all our deaths, our life,
Come so far into forever and blinked
I cried on floor, million years yearning for you,
Tripping on time, lost myself to our eternal struggle
For nothing, of nothing, from nothing,
Wait for me, I can find you— grown old-
You’ll see me aged, wrinkled hands
dreamy, amnesiac, hey I only promise
So far— so far—while we’re gone-

And the sky to me—
Whisssssssssss shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiii hiiiiiiisssssssss
Whiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrr a laughing Vishnu god—
Ha ha muh ha ha hee hah ha—

Cars rush lightening fast- prescient—
Encased in downstream floating canal current,
Anyway, So words can meander and bleed, well
I’ve lived enough lives, and I’m weary—

So sleep until I wake with you a kiss
That rots the stars little dollhouse stars
Empty room with bodies limp- oh pretty picture
Your smile—

And back to, somewhat now, a story
Of mute lovely minds crammed with letters and
Keys—on screens like thought dancing-
Were she only a reflection I could release
Like black hole gravity to the void—
An angel grown old— how?
We question a god who laughs joyfully—

Ah ha starry hellfire anonymous,
All of every one of us blessed
By passing futures I’ve seen and loved-
Placed sign and cross, we carry to Golgotha
Our skulls at his feet the jester mammon
Who lies to follow, who knows?— to exist—

It’s rational.

I want to nudge my eye to find it, where my face jolted—adult and singular,
beard grown heavy, curious—wages unfamiliar war on rushing giants
rock and gas and molten existing to burn and die—
like us, encoded. Beautiful in empty space. in bright loneliness.

Living gods of flesh and sorrow—

Untold angel heretics falling from heavens breast—

I envy, love, you all.

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