Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Felicia I finished Hyperion! (Waves and Waves and Waves)

An interuption,

marking off black and red

we're all watching
the gears contorted supernatural

drawing oxygen around
itself and separated into piles,
the invisible rations for the lucky

like children watching a butterfly
car accident
spread its metal wings,
peeled off by tearing steel
and plastic at accelerated speed
conjoined by shattered glass
dreams of a yesterday
painted by tomorrow,

and they're off running
in some mad misdirection-direction,
bleeding like the autumn sky
at sunset light,

a pair of hands twisted
toward eachother
emigrated warmth
encircled by-

not a care in the world,
over here,
and watch me!
As he dives into the deep end
cerulean waves
silver peaked

the ships sinking
grudge match,
floating and jetsam
both lighten the load
to nothing underneath our feet
but the sea
and your dreams.

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