Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Travelling, dust on our/your back,
to your back, kicking up,
over, beyond, side-ways,
scrolling and marching
forward, you've been forewarned...

so, Cool and lazy, the river flows
by us/you, non-existent restraint,
the air/wind restraining,
pulling back, peeling back,
a figure walking toward her,
running backward and running away,
running out of the light,

of jet engines heating up,
displacing energy, gliding on currents,
tons of metal/plastic, simple,
primordial like a bird weightless and weighted down,
pulled down by the earth, straining higher,
wind sweeping through the past, 
the recent past, the myth of present
toys with her,
we could watch from inside-out,
from dreams and reality,
a star sparking, blinking
yes and no.

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