Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I think the server crashed

Welcome! You have entered [The Lounge] at 4:02 am
[The Lounge]: The Demogoblins has entered at 4:02 am
[The Demogoblins] 4:02 am: my glorious drills reversed
[The Demogoblins] 4:03 am: like so much meat
[The Demogoblins] 4:03 am: thrown in my face by a butcher named server crash
[The Demogoblins] 4:04 am: o will we never be blessed by tiny pixels and text based lifeforms as we were before this
terrible rapture
[The Demogoblins] 4:05 am: have not, each one of us suffered enough
[The Demogoblins] 4:06 am: and now to be forced to remember
[The Demogoblins] 4:06 am: in the dead of night
[The Demogoblins] 4:06 am: 406 eastern standard time
[The Demogoblins] 4:06 am: the former wonder of two +2s
[The Demogoblins] 4:07 am: i cry foul world
[The Demogoblins] 4:07 am: cruel and steely like the guillotine
[The Demogoblins] 4:08 am: you slice at me
[The Demogoblins] 4:08 am: love,
[The Demogoblins] 4:08 am: The Demogoblins


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