Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am

There is this insufferable sadness
it clings to my breast,
in the darkness,
turning corners, gliding behind me
silent, transfixed
a location a beacon
moss covered trees, glow
green, unearthly

a clearing lifeless,
teeming, a clogged artery,
a crumbling artifice,
table for the sacrifice of youth,
unknowingly innocent;
does she realize?
would you tell her?

that sadness is me is you is me,
walking toward you,
in the darkness out of darkness
into light, blithe nothingness

a collage of colors
meaningless, deprived of meaning
spanning time
from time, out of time, around time
turn the corner,
a dark corner
bright shinning light, please
shield your eyes,
there is a figure waiting-
not for you,
you are alone.
all alone.
I am left,
left forever.

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