Friday, January 6, 2012


Joe threw his shit down on the curb,
back pack, boots, sleeping bag, hammock,
and all, and I dropped mine beside him, Dave
was supposed to pull the car around 15 minutes
ago, but there was no sign of him, we took pictures
of each other so we could look back and remember
what we looked like, because we thought maybe we'd
forget, this is how I'm going to start it, just
like those 7 days started, standing out on Broad
flannel shirts and dreaming of the west, the last fast
food stop on Oregon and then straight to the arch,
we got to see middle PA, but this isn't about that
this is about the before, standing still, I kicked a
bolt rolling on the sidewalk, it was there when we
got back, it was all there, but different, that's why
I'm glad we took those pictures, the receipt in my
pocket is less than 24 hours old and already it's faded

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