Friday, August 5, 2016

watch as I consider the world

every nebraska sun sets over a deep blue pool;

          on its banks the light crests dirt trail tire marks,

on its crystal surface there are shimmers and breaks,

          ripples and waves cut by rainbow fins at dusk,

traced by winding switch back roads leading out into dry hills.

watch as I consider these things
          from the backseat.
watch as they consider me.
as owls in sparse trees above
          descend thru headlit mercy at
          the mice beside the road
as the beetle come to meet its end
          on my horror windshield dragging

this is this is just as it is
colors wrapped in shape and size
the miles behind
and the miles beyond

every sun sets over shadows lit by the rising moon;

          on its back the next days arrival

the orange breach of sky and birth of dawn

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